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Employee welfare

Provide customers with flexible welfare solutions to improve employee satisfaction.

Health care benefits

Enterprise Self-service Platform

1. physical examination

FESCO Fujian covers the physical examination service network of the first and second-tier cities in China. It provides a service mode of one-place signing and national physical examination for customers, reduces the workload of HR to the greatest extent, and provides professional physical examination experience and high-quality service attitude.

■ Entry examination

■ Annual Checkup

■ High end physical examination

2. insurance


■ General Supplementary Medical Security

■ High-end medical security

■ Safeguard of serious illness and health

■ Guarantee of hospitalization subsidy

■ Group accident insurance

■ Major Disease Assistance

■ Employer Liability Insurance

Flexible benefits

One-stop platform integrates high-quality resources and benefits with high quality and efficiency.

Build a domestic full-process independent welfare platform (flexible welfare web site), realize the service transformation from offline to online, and provide one-stop management services for enterprises. It not only breaks the traditional concept of employee welfare in the market, but also gives a new definition to the employee welfare industry.

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