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Personnel service

One-stop full personnel service. Help customers simplify the process of personnel work, easily solve all the transactional work of employees from entry to departure, reduce the cost of human resources management for customers, and improve the efficiency of human resources management.

Personnel Entrustment/Labor Dispatch

Customers from all walks of life and service networks radiating across the country are our unique competitive advantages. Our service personnel not only have many years of frontline experience, but also have a wealth of industry knowledge. With a deep understanding of the regulatory policy, we can flexibly adjust the service plan according to the actual situation of customers, rationally avoid policy risks, and help enterprises to deliver better service to employees.

1. Social Insurance/Housing Provident Fund

Comprehensive management services for social security and reserve fund matters throughout the country. Including social security/provident fund declaration, payment and other services for enterprises, as well as the use of social security provident fund for employees of enterprises, policy consultation and so on.

National social security/provident fund declaration, payment, account consolidation and transfer services;

2. Entry and departure process services

It covers all transactional operations in the process of entry and departure, including certification, withdrawal procedures, file management and policy consultation.

3. Salary Management

Help enterprises to establish a reasonable salary structure, agent salary payment and individual tax declaration, at the same time establish a reasonable tax planning, save management costs.

Wage payment

Tax payment

4. Policy Consultation and Risk Management

The experienced and excellent legal team can provide policy consultation, laws and regulations and special business consultation in personnel and management to avoid employment risks.

5. Employee Activity Service Scheme

Regularly carry out a variety of staff activities, including inter-enterprise sports events, parent-child activities, art experience, etc., to enhance staff's sense of identity and belonging to the enterprise, enhance team cohesion, and establish a harmonious and inclusive corporate culture.

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