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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

The comprehensive and professional outsourcing service provided by FESCO Fujian helps customers to separate non-core positions or business processes, simplify the customer's engineering procedures and reduce the cost of personnel management through professional personnel management and standardized operation processes, and reduce the employment of enterprises with advanced IT technology and system support. Risk, improve the efficiency of enterprise management. Let customers get rid of the tedious business work and devote their energy to the more valuable core business.

Business Process Outsourcing - Recruitment

In view of the increasingly diversified recruitment demands of enterprises, providing customers with "integrated" recruitment solutions can provide tailor-made recruitment process outsourcing services according to different forms of recruitment and different efficiency purposes of enterprises, such as resume screening, interview evaluation, organization of recruitment interview activities, and intra-enterprise job competition. A series of services, such as external expert quality model evaluation, on-the-job recruitment and so on, are needed.

Business Process Outsourcing-Operational Management

To provide customers with sales terminal management, data management, store supervision and other services. By dispatching supervisors, we can complete a series of systematic processes such as recruitment, training, personnel management, on-site management, quality inspection, data collection and analysis of store employees, so as to solve the problems of job vacancy, personnel risk, material management and control, implementation of promotional activities for customers, and enhance the execution ability of sales terminal personnel. Help customers to build perfect sales terminal.

Business Process Outsourcing-Promotion Class

Through the analysis of customer's product terminal sales form, provide professional manpower operation scheme, provide PT (part-time) business process outsourcing service for retail and catering customers, mainly including: batch recruitment, diversified training, on-the-job assessment, risk taking, activity assistance and other contents, strengthen PT (part-time) management for customers. Rational standardization and flexibility allow customers to release their investment in PT management and focus on the overall operation of the store.

Business Process Outsourcing - Financial Services

To provide customers with lobby guidance, data processing, scanning and photocopying and other non-core business outsourcing services in the financial industry. From pre-recruitment, unified training, teaching on-the-job, on-the-job assessment, on-site management, employee relations and other service content, to provide customers with professional business process outsourcing experience, to help customers achieve the operational objectives of reducing self-employment costs, reducing management internal friction, enhancing their brand image, and improving customer satisfaction with services.

Business Process Outsourcing - Financial Post Class

Provide enterprises with non-core business supporting process outsourcing services such as financial bills auditing, scanning, input and so on.

Provide customers with business process outsourcing services based on monthly quantitative and non-quantitative batch financial bills, invoices, etc. From the personnel recruitment, training, induction, performance appraisal and other omni-directional services, according to monthly business processing capacity settlement costs, in order to achieve the "cost reduction and efficiency" of the enterprise, at the same time, bear all employer responsibility risks of employees, and realize the enterprise "employ people without work, do things without people" human resources management mode.

1. General Job Outsourcing
A Outsourcing of Customer Service Personnel
B Administrative Front Office Outsourcing
C Assistant Clerk Outsourcing
D Business Welcome Outsourcing

2. Flexible employment
A Ground pushing, etiquette, temporary employment at exhibitions
B Promoters (Temporary Promoters, Long-term Promoters)
C Call guest

3. Financial post outsourcing
A Cashier
B Assistant Accountant
C Booking clerk
D Voucher Entry Audit

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