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Employee welfare

Provide customers with flexible welfare solutions to improve employee satisfaction.

Health care benefits

1. physical examination

FESCO Fujian covers the physical examination service network of the first and second-tier cities in China. It provides a service mode of one-place signing and national physical examination for customers, reduces the workload of HR to the greatest extent, and provides professional physical examination experience and high-quality service attitude.

■ Entry examination

■ Annual Checkup

■ High end physical examination  


Enterprise Self-service Platform

2. insurance

FESCO Fujian compensates employees for the following personal risks by combining a variety of insurance product solutions (personal accident insurance, supplementary medical insurance, hospitalization allowance, major disease relief, serious illness and well-being, health insurance, travel travel insurance, etc.): death and disability risks caused by accidents, illness manufacturing. The risk of death, the loss of treatment costs for major diseases, the loss of treatment costs for health care, the use of expensive resources such as private expenditure (social security costs), and the comprehensive risk during travel.

■ General Supplementary Medical Security

■ High-end medical security

■ Safeguard of serious illness and health

■ Guarantee of hospitalization subsidy

■Group accident insurance

■ Major Disease Assistance

■ Employer Liability Insurance

Flexible benefits

One-stop platform integrates high-quality resources and benefits with high quality and efficiency.

Build a domestic full-process independent welfare platform (flexible welfare web site), realize the service transformation from offline to online, and provide one-stop management services for enterprises. It not only breaks the traditional concept of employee welfare in the market, but also gives a new definition to the employee welfare industry.

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