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Drop by drop employees rush to be laid off - layoffs, do not always difficult HR, occasionally "drop by drop" it.


Racing to be dismissed

There are always complaints about layoffs.

Only employees are not

They are scrambling to be dismissed.


What's going on?

As early as February 15, Cheng Wei publicly announced that he would "close down and merge" non-major businesses. The overall reduction rate of staff accounted for 15% of the total, involving about 2,000 people.


"Competition for redundancies is about to start", "Hope to be redundant", "Ask how to be redundant", "The redundant workers call the redundancy a sense of happiness"... There's something wrong with the style of painting.


Because redundancy compensation is just too conscientious!


What's the feeling of getting rich overnight?

That is to say, the money you get from this trip is worth half a year's hard work. The monthly salary is calculated on full-time work, with five insurance and one gold payment. The annual vacation that you have not finished is discounted, or three times the discount. Departure certificates are written only on resignation rather than dismissal, which does not affect the search for a new job...

In 2019, Renren Car, Metro, Netease, Jingdong... There are many companies involved in layoffs, but so far only drops of happiness have been laid off.

It's assumed that the daily greetings of employees should be:

"Have you been laid off? Congratulations.

"You've been laid off, too, with joy and joy."

Drops of this wave of operation,

Unexpectedly, they have accepted the hearts of employees and other employees who eat melon at home.



Usually Internet companies are n + 1 or 2, which is already quite conscientious. In many companies, the ability to lay off employees without spending money is one of the criteria for employers to measure HR competence.

So some HRs have to resort to some extraordinary means to avoid compensation when laying off employees. For example, salary arrears, redeployment and pay cuts, increase the difficulty of assessment and so on, force employees to leave their jobs automatically. So that employees are not satisfied with the riots.

Everyone expresses their admiration for HR. They think that the company's big structure makes HR seem to stay out of trouble and away from disputes.

But there is no easy HR in the world. It is said that after large-scale layoffs, in order to ensure the normal operation of the company, every expense has been strictly controlled within the drip.

Cancel all night snacks and tea room snacks, cancel coffee shop, employee restaurant subsidies, reduce staff club funds, cancel employee birthday gifts, reduce anniversary gifts and so on.

I don't know how to deal with droplets of HR.~


Although every HR hopes that layoffs will never come, layoffs are inevitable. In addition to making good plans and strategies for layoffs and abiding by the bottom line, they should do their utmost to help employees, complete the corresponding procedures, get together and disperse, goodbye.

Maybe the company's downsizing decision is heartless, but you can be a blood, meat, professional HR!

Don't always put HR in a dilemma when it comes to layoffs.


If those things are laid off, how good it would be to pay compensation in place, don't always embarrass our HR.

Companies are not easy to lay off employees, employees are not easy to make trouble, when the real face of layoffs, we all stand in the other side's perspective, everything is well. But from the perspective of HR, if you don't want to always take the role of being caught in the middle, you should upgrade your paragraph position and strive for more voice.

From the beginning of 2019, the so-called structural adjustment has come one after another, and the news of layoffs is flying everywhere. Everyone, cherish the work at present!


I love working with money. Working with money makes me happy.

Don't dwell all day on layoffs.

Ten thousand families have to be demolished.