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Covering 31 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and more than 400 cities
More than 190 investment companies and branches

FESCO has built more than 190 investment companies and sub-companies in more than 400 cities of 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. With the unified national human resources service network and information service system, FESCO expands the main business areas and regions, promotes international cooperation and development, and provides comprehensive human resources solutions for employers and employees in China and overseas.

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  • FESCO Xiamen

    FESCO Xiamen

  • FESCO Zhejiang

    FESCO Zhejiang

  • FESCO Dalian

    FESCO Dalian

  • FESCO Harbin

    FESCO Harbin

  • FESCO Changchun

    FESCO Changchun

  • FESCO Sichuan

    FESCO Sichuan

  • FESCO Shanxi

    FESCO Shanxi

  • FESCO Hebei

    FESCO Hebei

  • FESCO Tianjin

    FESCO Tianjin

  • FESCO Inner Mongolia

    FESCO Inner Mongolia

  • FESCO Beijing

    FESCO Beijing

  • FESCO Shaanxi

    FESCO Shaanxi

  • FESCO Henan

    FESCO Henan

  • FESCO Hubei

    FESCO Hubei

  • FESCO Guangdong

    FESCO Guangdong

  • FESCO Shenzhen

    FESCO Shenzhen

  • FESCO Hong Kong

    FESCO Hong Kong

  • FESCO Yunnan

    FESCO Yunnan

  • FESCO Guangxi

    FESCO Guangxi

  • FESCO Guizhou

    FESCO Guizhou

  • FESCO Jiangsu

    FESCO Jiangsu

  • FESCO Qingdao

    FESCO Qingdao

  • FESCO Jinan

    FESCO Jinan

  • FESCO Anhui

    FESCO Anhui

  • FESCO Jiangxi

    FESCO Jiangxi

  • FESCO Quanzhou

    FESCO Quanzhou

  • FESCO Fuzhou

    FESCO Fuzhou

  • FESCO Shanghai

    FESCO Shanghai

  • FESCO Suzhou

    FESCO Suzhou

  • FESCO Gansu

    FESCO Gansu

  • FESCO Qinghai

    FESCO Qinghai

  • FESCO Chongqing

    FESCO Chongqing

  • FESCO Xinjiang

    FESCO Xinjiang

  • FESCO Ningxia

    FESCO Ningxia

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